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La matanza, preparing for the winter time

It’s barbecue time Ready to heat things up this autumn? There’s no better way to do it than with a Spanish “matanza”, the “slaughter of a pig”.  It’s the time of year to prepare for the winter time and traditionally that mean in lot’s of parts of Spain to slaughter a pig and prepare it’s meat for consumption the next couple of months.  Spanish diet’s varies a lot depending on the seasons and winter time is the period for meals rich in vet and meat, especially pork meat. Spain’s matanza is now getting renewed interest from farm-to-table food enthusiasts. “Una Matanza”...

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Musketeers in Yecla

Festivities in Yecla (Murcia) Next week (5th until 9th of December) starts the annual festivities of Our Lady of the Castle in Yecla (Murcia, Spain). part of these festivities are gachasmigas offered by the stewards of the blocks (November 9). This year one of the Butler is José Francisco Navarro Ibáñez. On the photograph: “Preparing a Gachasmigas, special Yecla dough meal. Bit of historical The celebration in honour to the Virgen del Castillo (or Lady of the Castle) of Yecla has a long tradition. It was July 17th, 1642, during the War of Catalonia, when a handful, 61 to...

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