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Pedro Sánchez participates in an open meeting

Pedro Sánchez in Murcia The secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez participated in an open meeting in Murcia, in San Basilio to be exact. Such meetings is and intended to listening and get in contact with citizens. Everyone can freely participate and Pedro Sánchez answered 60 seconds interventions from the audience. All opinions and reflections are all important. The meeting was streamed through the web of the PSOE could be followed via social media with the hashtag #AsambleasAbiertas. The event is part of the Citizens Conference, entitled ‘Have the word’, and part of the campaign for may...

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Amazing Panama

First visit to Panama I just came back from Panama. An amazing country and the southernmost country of Central America. Panama is famous for it’s canal and revenue from the canal and the tourist industry are the main motors for the republics economy and make it the the fastest growing economy (2013) and the largest per capita consumer in Central America. the country has a lot to offer. Panama’s jungle is home to an abundance of tropical plants, animals and birds, some of them to be found nowhere else in the world, and that makes the country ideal for...

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Japanese Cooking course by Cocinoterapia in Murcia

Learn to cook Japanese style I started out as a photographer for visual website content and still a lot of my photography work is done for websites. In this particular case I did a shooting for Cocinoterapia is all about Delia Torrano offering courses in cooking in the region of Murcia. This time she was asked to give a course on preparing Japanese food, like sushi. 24 people attended the course held at the “Espacio Joven el Palmar” and for about 5 hours I documented graphically all kinds of cooking activities. Remote controlled flash My primary problem was...

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Art Gallery Progreso 80 organizes Cultural Change Murcia

First time Art Change in Murcia For the first time Cultural Gallery organizes “Change” in Murcia. “Change” consist in artists exchanging artworks for everything except money. About 40 artists from the region of Murcia participated in the first “Change” organised by Art Gallery “Progreso 80”. A diversity of artworks, from sculptures, paintings to photographs, where exhibited and exposition visitors interested in obtaining one or more of the artworks could make an offer. A trip to Japan Especially the offers on the sculpture where amazing. Like a guided trip to Japan or dental work. But artworks where also exchanged for...

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Watch product photography

Product photography I started out in 2003 as a product photographer for websites, but the last couple of years local shops used photographs from there providers for advertising and publicity. So I was a bit surprised to receive a call from a local jewelry store to shoot some of the jewels for a leaflet. I removed the dust from my product photography equipment and shot a dozen of articles. When shooting shinny objects lighting is very important. There are some great Youtube tutorials if you want to learn how to shoot shinny objects. Watch equipment I normally use a...

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Happy 2014

Thank you all First of all we would like to say, thanks to all our clients for the great year today we leave behind. We shot a lot of nice projects in 2013 and we hope to continue doing so in 2014. Second of all we wish to everybody a happy 2014 and lot’s of photographic...

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TSF diary 2014

  Photographs of the Murcian region For this years additions of the TSF diary, Fotomatiz was asked to participate with 54 photographs of the Murcia Region. The result is a nice impression of what the Murcia region has to offer. From the about 300 initial photographs the final selection show the region from north to south and east to west. From the Águilas cost, through the Mazarrón beaches until the San Pedro del Pinar salt lakes with its typical mills. From the Cathedral in Murcia to the historical city hall of Cartagena. From the olive and almond harvest in...

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la Cierva dam in Mula

The importance of water For a Mula based client a had to take shoots of the surroundings of the historical village of Mula (Murcia – Spain). It is a very nice place, at least I like it. It’s located on the northeast site of the Espuña national park with mountain peaks up to 1580 meters. But I find it difficult to photograph because of the lighting conditions and lot’s of disturbing elements everywhere you look. Especially, in the region of Murcia, they do not take care about the environment en the visual landscape. Old and new objects are mixed...

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