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Capturing real-life moments and events with the aim of telling a story or raising awareness about a particular issue.

Event Photography

Imaging the energy and excitement of corporate events, conferences, and product launches.


Capturing the essence of a place for marketing and branding.

Product Photography

High-quality product shots for websites, online stores, and marketing materials.

Branding & Marketing

Storytelling photography for capturing the essence of your brand and its values.

Architecture & Real Estate

Exterior and interior shots of buildings for listings, marketing materials, and property websites.

Latest Series: In The Moment

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Collection 1

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Collection 3

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“Photography is a dance with light and time. A waltz with fleeting moments, capturing their essence in a single breath. Through a lens, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, a whisper of emotion forever preserved. We are storytellers, wielding light as our brush, painting memories that defy the boundaries of the present.”

“Every click is a promise. A promise to freeze a fleeting moment, to elevate the ordinary into something captivating. A photographer’s lens isn’t just a tool, it’s a portal to a world unseen. We capture not just sights, but emotions, desires, even dreams. Let us translate your vision into a timeless image, one that speaks volumes and ignites a spark”

About Fotomatiz

Fotomatiz Spain was founded in 2008 by Jerome van Passel. “He is a photographer, celebrated for his distinctive viewpoint on humanity, culture, and the natural world. He has a unique vision of the world and the ability to capture moments and ideas creatively.” – P. Soler.

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