How many times have you been disappointed by the result of your pictures? And you’ve been blaming it on the equipment? What makes a picture an amazing one? You will learn how to understand what you want and how to get the picture. Fotomatiz Photo Workshops offers you a wide range of possibilities to develop your photographic skills. During this workshop you will learn how to shoot better pictures that are able to transmit your emotions. You will be stimulated to experiment special types of photography and seeing things from a different standpoint. Photographic rudiments can be learned from books, but this is not the case when talking about the capability of seeing things in a photographic way.

General Course of Study:

  • Seeing and Understanding Composition
  • Basic Photography I: Digital Camera Fundamentals
  • Basic Photography II: Jumping into Digital
  • Basic Photography III: Advanced Digital
  • Intermediate Photography: Finding Your Vision
  • Artificial & Natural lighting
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Advanced Course of Study:

  • Improved Composition
  • Advanced Photography I: Digital Camera Handling
  • Advanced Photography II: Digital Photographic Techniques
  • Advanced Photography III: Different Types of Photography
  • Artificial & Natural lighting
  • Intermediate Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Course of Study:

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Layer Handling
  • Photograph Improving Techniques
  • Advanced Portrait Retouching Techniques
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Printing and Internet Preparation

Field Course of Study:

Our Field courses are guided trips shooting different types of photography. You will put into practice landscape, architectural and macro photography while learning Fundamental Basis of Composition, Camera Handling and the Elements of Digital Photography.


All Courses are given mainly in the region of Murcia (South of Spain) and on request on location in the Netherlands


  • Prosumer (with manual mode) or DSLR camera
  • Basic Understanding Camera Handling
  • Basic Understanding computer Handling

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