Photography services

Commercial photography service for your business

We believe in three fundamental premises:

1. Image making will continue to be, and increasingly so, a central activity of our creative and cultural expressions.
2. Digital technology will also continue its incredibly rapid transformation, providing us with newer and presumably better tools to express and share your ideas.
3. Communication. One image tells more than a thousand words, and it better tell the right story.


Our services

Fotomatiz offers several still imaging solutions and services for your business or privately in Spain or internationally.


Capturing real-life moments and events with the aim of telling a story or raising awareness about a particular issue.

Event Photography

Imaging the energy and excitement of corporate events, conferences, and product launches.


Capturing the essence of a place for marketing and branding.

Product Photography

High-quality product shots for websites, online stores, and marketing materials.

Branding & Marketing

Storytelling photography for capturing the essence of your brand and its values.

Architecture & Real Estate

Exterior and interior shots of buildings for listings, marketing materials, and property websites.


After you have reached this part and checked our portfolio, we continue to provide you some background information on how we work.

Available light

We normally work on our clients location and with locally available light. All dough we are in possession of strobes and continues light we prefer to work with the available light for a couple of reasons. Most of our clients want us to do projects that require speed and are normally uncontrolled events. Lighting setup often require more time than the total time span available. Second of all, natural light creates a more natural and realistic image. Most of our clients want to tell the real story.
Post production service

We lightroom and Photoshop every photo taken. We enhance our photographs but do not alter reality. Like using natural light in our post production we want to stay as close to the real raw photo as possible. Do you need a retouch service for already own photographs please ask us for a quote.
Image quality

All clients receive the final photographs in the resolution needed for the same price. We do not price differently photographs for web or social media use (and therefor low resolution) from high resolution jpegs for quality printing. Only raw footage is priced differently. Furthermore you are granted to use all photographs purchased any way you like or need except for direct or indirect selling of the images itself. We have a fair use policy agreement ready to sign as part of our service.
Extra charges
We charge extra for travel expenses, hotel accommodation and subsistence. All expected extra expenses will be well documented within the offer you receive in advance. Often costumers we visit abroad offer to make the all the necessary arrangements themselves to reduce costs and to save time.


Fotomatiz offers a wide variety of photo workshops you can jump directly to our workshop page here: Fotomatiz workshops or continue reading.

Professional workshops for small businesses
Need professional looking product photographs for you website? Need photographs for a presentation or social media? Fotomatiz offers a wide variety and tailor made workshops. The way to learn improve your photographic skills is by seeing and practising.
Private and personal workshops
How many times have you been disappointed by the result of your photographs? And you’ve been blaming it on the equipment? What makes a picture an amazing one? You will learn how to understand what you want and how to get the picture.
Fotomatiz Photo Workshops offers you a wide range of possibilities to develop your photographic skills. During this workshop you will learn how to shoot better pictures that are able to transmit your emotions. You will be stimulated to experiment special types of photography and seeing things from a different standpoint. Photographic rudiments can be learned from books, but this is not the case when talking about the capability of seeing things in a photographic way.

Interested in our workshops? Click here. For more information or to contact us clicking here.

Checkout our portfolio and see for your self if we can be of some assistance to you. Need a commercial photographer? Click here for more information. Our main office is located in Murcia, South of Spain, but we offer service through the whole Spanish peninsular and the Netherlands and if requested in other countries as well. Check out our news page on updates of our photographic work. Down below you can find more information on how we work.


We speak several languages like Spanish, German, Dutch and English. Check out our Spanish website gallery to extend your information about our photographic activities in Spain.