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Fotomatiz is a professional photo agency based in Murcia in the South of Spain. Fotomatiz professional service offer a wide variety of still imaging solutions to their international clients. Check out our Portfolio and contact us for tailor made solutions. Fotomatiz Photo Workshop offers you a wide range of possibilities to develop your photographic skills. We offer exciting workshops led by professional photographers. For tailor made still imaging solutions check out our Professional Services and send us a request for a quote.


Office location


Federico Balart nº 1

30001 Murcia (Spain)

+34 650565132

[email protected]

Fotomatiz was founded in 2008 by Jerome van Passel. His years of experience in different fields of photography make him a very versatile photographer and business-partner. His work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions.

Still Image Solutions

Jerome is specialized in natural light photography, cultural landscape photography, construction and architectural photography and compelling images of around the house natural world. The last couple of years he dedicated more and more of his time on fine art photography. He is also a member of the renowned “El equipo F”, a group of Spanish fine art photographers.


He teaches workshops for amateur photographers on digital photography. To be a good photographer, you do not need high end equipment, and expensive lenses. A good point and shoot digital camera will also get the picture, although for specialized photography, you need specialized equipment. Want to know more, click here.

Need a commercial photographer?

Checkout Service page and see for your self if we can be of some assistance to you. Want to learn digital photography? Want to purchase one of our photographs? Contact us here.

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