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Imagine the perfect image, observe the details that bring it to life, create captivating visuals that tell your brand story.

Roof top in Spain

A piece of history

Fotomatiz was founded in 2008, specializing in architectural, product, and press photography. The agency quickly gained traction, attracting a diverse clientele. As the workload grew, the team expanded, hiring photo assistants, lighting specialists, and post-production editors for larger projects.

In 2013, we broadened our offerings by partnering with a communication agency to create web-based content. Business flourished until the pandemic presented a challenge.

However, thanks to a loyal client base, Fotomatiz weathered the storm and is now back on track, offering a comprehensive range of photography and digital media services.

Why Fotomatiz?

Based in Murcia (Spain)

Murcia’s location places you a short distance from Alicante (the fifth larges airport of Spain) and the world-renowned Costa Blanca. With it’s warm Mediterranean climate with long days and mild winters makes it perfect for photoshoots anytime.

For tailor made still imaging solutions check out our services and send us a request for a quote.

112 Rescue helicopter in action in Murcia
Network & Collaboration

We as photographers often have established relationships with local and national profesionals, and permit holders. Our network can streamline your photoshoot logistics and ensure a smooth, efficient experience.

Connection is Key

Let Our Collaboration & Networking Expert Bridge the Gap for Your Project.

Product photography  - Watches
Cultural Connection & Language Fluency

Communication is key to a successful shoot. We understands the spanish culture and nuances, ensuring clear communication between you, your team, and any spanish participants.

We Handle the Details

Focus on Your Vision, We Handle the Details. We offer Communication & Production Support for Photoshoots

Marco Oostra - Without you here

Travel and location scouting can add significant costs to a commercial shoot. Hiring a photographer in Spain eliminates these expenses, potentially lowering the overall project budget.

Scout for Film or Photo Shoot?

Need a Location Scout for Your Film or Photo Shoot? We Find the Perfect Spot.

Feria de Empleo - Grupo Sifu
Local Expertise & Unique Perspective

A photographer in Spain brings a deep understanding of the region’s culture, landscape, and lighting conditions. This insider knowledge translates into photos that capture the essence of Murcia and resonate with your audiences.

Fotomatiz by Jerome van Passel

Fotomatiz was founded by the Dutch photographer Jerome van Passel. His career began in front of the camera, a sought-after model for youth magazines. But it was behind the lens where his true passion ignited. A camera alway has been his constant companion, capturing life moments, and still has boxes full of travel stories and everyday observations on film.

The year 2003 marked a turning point. Trading analog for digital, he marveled at the instant gratification of the Nikon D100. Leading the marketing team at Cofrusa, a major Murcian food manufacturer at the time, the digital camera’s speed and quality revolutionized his approach.  Product photography requests poured in, and soon, the Nikon was traded up for the versatility of Canon’s EOS series, ultimately culminating in the powerful 5D.

Jerome van Passel on the Taptoe cover in 1977

Jerome van Passel on the cover of Taptoe magazine in 1977

Still imaging solutions

Since 2008, he has combined his than award-winning photography skills with a deep understanding of marketing and technology. This unique blend allows him to not only visualize clients visions, but translate it into impactful visuals that resonate with audiences and drive results.

A return to his passion!

After years of leading Fotomatiz, he is thrilled to refocus his energy on documentary and event photography – his creative roots. This shift allows him to offer a more personalized approach, working closely with clients to capture the essence of their stories.

The Fotomatiz name will continue to represent his commitment to high-quality photography, while this new chapter lets him reconnect with the intimate world of documentary and event work.