Almond trees in bloom in the surroundings of the City of Murcia

If you come to Murcia between the end of January and the middle of March, you will have the opportunity to see a beautiful natural spectacle: the flowering of almond trees around the town and the region of Murcia. At that time of year, the Mediterranean landscape is dressed in white flowers, offering the possibility to capture beautiful pictures of a landscape that anticipates the arrival of spring.

Early blossom in Murcia

Early blossom in Murcia

The Region of Murcia

The Region of Murcia has an enormous extension of land with fruit and almond trees, shared by the municipalities of Bullas, Calasparra, Cehegín, Cieza, Moratalla and Mula.

But in basically all the Murcian territory you can find these trees, like in this corner of the natural park “el Valle y Carrascoy”, on the South side of the Mountain range of the city of Murcia, near the town of Santo Angel. Just take your camera with you in February and you are able to take some beautiful pictures, full of flowers and that surrounds the town area.

Tree blooming in Murcia

Almond flowers in Murcia

Perfect Climate

The mild winter in this area favors the growth and flowering of the trees. It is a singular show of nature in the mountains only 5 kilometers from the Murcian capital. The bloom period is normally between the months of February and March when the trees show their flowers on this particular location. They transform the landscape into a fairy-tale image. The blooming of the Almond trees is one of the main tourist attractions of the region and can be seen in the Murcian Capital area for several days. On this particularly site, Santo Ángel, you should go especially to the bridge in the area of Calle del Pino and la Rambla de la Calle de Santa Catalina del Monte.

Tree shot from under the bridge

Shot from under the bridge

El campo de Cagitán

Murcia is one the regions in Spain to visit to see the Almond tree bloom. The most popular is the area of the Campo de Cagitán. Some people compare the spectacle in Murcia with the cherry blossoms of the Jerte Valley. The difference is that the blooming in Murcia is less known. During the months of February/March el Campo de Cagitán area shared by the municipalities of Calasparra, Cehegín, Cieza, Mula and Bullas is filled with a color that oscillates between white and strong pink. This type of tree is normally an ugly duckling but becomes a swan at the beginning of spring.

A tree blooming in Moratalla (Murcia)

A tree blooming in Moratalla (Murcia)

Tourism in Murcia

Are you a tourist or a photographer, interesting in shooting the blooming of the Almond trees in Murcia? Put February (Blooming last normally until April in the Moratalla area) in your diary. The experience of flowering in Murcia will be amazing.


Almond tree blooming Moratalla

Almond trees (Left) blooming in Moratalla (Murcia)

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