Embalse de la cierva Mula

The importance of water

For a Mula based client a had to take shoots of the surroundings of the historical village of Mula (Murcia – Spain). It is a very nice place, at least I like it. It’s located on the northeast site of the Espuña national park with mountain peaks up to 1580 meters. But I find it difficult to photograph because of the lighting conditions and lot’s of disturbing elements everywhere you look. Especially, in the region of Murcia, they do not take care about the environment en the visual landscape. Old and new objects are mixed together and there is garbage and cables where ever you look.

If you are shooting for Murcian clients curtain thinks are always important element that should appear in your photographs. Religious elements, cultural elements and water. Although water is vitally important for every human being, in very dry regions, like the Murcia region, every drop counts. In general people like water photographs, so a nearby dam is an obligated stop for a Murcian based commercial photographer. This time I was lucky, it was a nice cloudy day and in the late afternoon I got this lovely red orange sun light on my favorite spot. All together the client was happy and that is all that counts.