macro forest mushroom

First time Art Change in Murcia

For the first time Cultural Gallery organizes “Change” in Murcia. “Change” consist in artists exchanging artworks for everything except money. About 40 artists from the region of Murcia participated in the first “Change” organised by Art Gallery “Progreso 80”. A diversity of artworks, from sculptures, paintings to photographs, where exhibited and exposition visitors interested in obtaining one or more of the artworks could make an offer.

A trip to Japan

Especially the offers on the sculpture where amazing. Like a guided trip to Japan or dental work. But artworks where also exchanged for a stay a someone beach house, tons of pet food or hair cuts during one year. Fotomatiz participated with a macro photograph of mushrooms on the forest floor (above). The framed photograph was exchanged for en exclusive dinner. It was an amazing experience to participate in this art event.

More on video

More information about the participating artists you can find watching this video (Spanish only).