Cocinoterapia curso Japonesa

Cocinoterapia Murcia

Learn to cook Japanese style

I started out as a photographer for visual website content and still a lot of my photography work is done for websites. In this particular case I did a shooting for Cocinoterapia is all about Delia Torrano offering courses in cooking in the region of Murcia. This time she was asked to give a course on preparing Japanese food, like sushi. 24 people attended the course held at the “Espacio Joven el Palmar” and for about 5 hours I documented graphically all kinds of cooking activities.

Remote controlled flash

Sushi Murcian style
My primary problem was the existence off good light. I took with me some fast prime lenses and a Speedlight. But working in a small crowded area made it difficult to shoot. Students where running around in an on organised way and being on time on the right spot was a challenge. But in the end I was quiet pleased with the results. What worked pretty well was attaching my speedlicht to my Manfrotto monopod so I had some freedom to move around with my camera using a remote control to trigger the flash from a fixed point.

Cooking experience

For this type of work it helps having experience as a photojournalist. As a photojournalist you do not get a second time and you need to be very focused on not missing that one moment. Some of my press photo’s you can find over here clicking the following link Press Photography